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This is the second webinar in our Foundations for Effective AI series, in which we explore how players within research intensive industries navigate the perils and pitfalls of AI to embed it into their innovation and R&D processes to drive better business outcomes.

The chemicals industry, like many others, sees AI as an indispensable component, from early R&D through to manufacturing, risk management and more, bringing efficiencies, enabling innovation, and supporting them to improve sustainability. Johnson Matthey, a global leader in sustainability, is dedicated to innovating, researching and developing solutions to make the world cleaner and healthier. In this webinar Nathan Barrow, R&D Digitisation Lead, Ed Wright, Principal Information Analyst and Owen Jones, Data Science Strategy Lead - Catalyst Technologies will share part of Johnson Matthey's journey on innovating with AI to support these goals - focusing on how they get need to get the foundational elements in place in order to drive more effective AI-driven outcomes.

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Discover how Johnson Matthey is getting its legacy data in order with the help of SciBite. Read the Elsevier Connect article here
  • Breaking down data silos and the findability challenge
  • Chemicals industry complexities: lack of standard ontologies, vocabularies
  • Layering in AI on top of reusable and interoperable data
  • People and processes; from PoC to scale-up
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