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This is the first webinar in the four part series titled Dear data: what compound to make next? - From SAR databases to AI/ML models

This webinar reviews the landscape of bioactivity databases and discusses how addressing bio-curation and data sharing challenges can accelerate medicinal chemistry research. To achieve this, the community needs to increase the outward flow of experimental results locked-up in millions of published PDFs into structured open databases that explicitly capture the connectivity between structures, documents, and bioactivity results.

“The problem at the core is that the community has spent millions effectively burying these relationships in PDFs over many decades but must now spend millions more trying to get them back out.”
  • Session One [30 Min]: Christopher Southan Presenting Expanding connectivity between documents, structures, and bioactivity (an update of PMID32280387)
  • Session Two [10 Min]: Anindya Ghosh Roy Presenting Bioactivity data excerption, availability and use cases 
  • Session Three [15 Min]: Q&A with Audience Questions
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