As Generative AI (Gen AI) tools grow in number and popularity, the question of how to assess and adopt tools that enhance existing processes, while adhering to community standards of reliable, transparent, and trustworthy technology and content is paramount. We have teamed up with the research community to address these challenges, and are exited to share a Gen AI solution for the academic community that is:

  • Built on trusted content, vetted by the research community

  • Designed to limit bias and hallucination and maximize relevant insights using cutting-edge search technologies

  • Developed by technological experts immersed in research requirements and challenges

  • Crafted to deliver insights across the research process

  • By seamlessly integrating principled and trusted scholarly content with cutting-edge search technology, Scopus AI delivers dependable results tailored to address key questions throughout the research process. This innovative tool complements traditional search tactics, offering an instant, intuitive, and fully referenced summary on any queried topic. Leveraging curated peer-review content from Scopus, the world's largest multidisciplinary abstract and citation database, Scopus AI empowers users to unearth relevant sources, highlighting key conclusions and findings for insightful analyses.

    With Scopus AI, your research journey becomes more efficient as you:
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Demystify new fields and topics

  • Identify potential research partners

  • Uncover promising areas for future exploration

  • Join us for the inaugural webinar in our series to:
  • Discover how researchers are effectively utilizing Gen AI throughout the research journey

  • Gain insights into the transparency, reliability, accuracy, and relevance of the results

  • Learn practical ways to leverage our Gen AI-informed results for an accelerated search process

  • Engage in an open Q&A session with subject matter experts

  • We invite you to explore the transformative possibilities of Scopus AI and enhance your research endeavors with cutting-edge technology and trusted scholarly content.
    Adrian Raudaschl
    Senior Product Manager
    Dr. Adrian Raudaschl, a former medical professional, transitioned to the realm of product management with a resolute goal: to propel academic research forward. As a seasoned senior product manager based in London, Adrian thrives at the intersection of search technology, AI, and large language models. His most recent project is Scopus AI, a service that combines vector search with large language models to empower researchers in discovering new topic areas.
    Yoshiko Kakita
    Senior Director of Scopus Product Management
    Yoshiko Kakita is the Senior Director of Scopus Product Management, based in Tokyo, Japan. As a strategic and results-oriented leader, she is committed to shaping Scopus to meet the evolving needs of the scientific community. With over 17 years of experience with Scopus spanning both Sales and Product roles, her unwavering passion lies in contributing to making the world a better place through helping researchers. Yoshiko’s passion lies in facilitating advancements in research and make a positive impact on the global scientific landscape.
    Keith Silver
    Senior Manager, Sales Enablement
    Keith Silver has worked in STM publishing for more than 30 years – from the serials crisis and the digitization of content, via open access and bibliometrics, to the rise research data and generative AI. Moving to Elsevier in a product development capacity, he helped to launch Scopus and transition the company’s book, book series and major reference works to online formats. In his current role, Keith supports Elsevier's Academic and Government sales teams.
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