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This is the first webinar in the four-part series called "AI in innovation: Unlocking R&D with data-driven AI."

Join a panel of AI and data experts as they explore the perils, pitfalls and promise of generative AI for R&D. From poor data to the frame problem, RAG and vector-based IR, they'll outline the issues that can derail your AI projects. They’ll also answer your questions about how Elsevier licenses, delivers and updates data for use in generative AI.

Don’t miss the insights of these data science and AI experts who specialize in R&D applications. You’ll end this session with a practical checklist to foresee and forestall project blockers.
  • Implementing AI: Journey of experimentation
  • Evolving with AI: How generative AI has opened new opportunities
  • Examples of generative AI experimentation
  • Next frontiers: Potential and challenges
Featured Presenters