SciVal has grown a lot since its launch in 2014 and so we have been working with our users to make sure they can quickly get to the insights they need. Following extensive testing and interviews with users, SciVal is moving from modules to page-based navigation to improve the findability of content and insights. There will be a transition period of 3 months, starting on March 5th, following which SciVal's current interface will be sunset. In this webinar, we will introduce the new navigation, explain the main changes this brings to SciVal and answer any questions you may have.
Peter Darroch, PhD
Director, Analytics Solutions Marketing
Dr Peter Darroch is Director of Analytics Solutions Marketing at Elsevier with a focus on SciVal. He is an expert in the practical use of quantitative analyses and metrics within research evaluation.
Daniela Grosche
Product Manager, SciVal
Daniela Grosche is a Product Manager for SciVal. She joined SciVal 4 years ago and is part of team responsible for the introduction of the new navigation in SciVal.
Joris Ketelaar
Principal UX Designer
Joris is a UX designer for SciVal, working on SciVal since 2014. He is passionate about data and user-friendly interfaces. Strong believer in prototyping and testing.
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