Research data sharing is a key component of open science and continues to be driven by changes in policy. Research data management (or RDM) is encompassed by broader research management. Publishers, funders, and institutions promote the sharing of research data to encourage transparency and knowledge-sharing worldwide as well as to support new policies and Open Data initiatives.

Many libraries are eager to support data needs on their campus, but it can be daunting to take the first steps. Librarians provide advice on data sharing and storage options, proactive outreach, and have responsibility for managing the location of the institution's research data. Researchers rely on publishers and librarians to review, curate, and prepare their data for public release. With pressure being laid on the librarians and institutions from these external sources, help can be confusing and sometimes downright difficult to find. The good news is that Digital Commons Data, a flexible platform that can meet your campus’ data-sharing and storage needs, is here to help.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Trends, drivers and benefits of research data sharing and research data management workflow
  • Challenges in tracking institutional research data and where Digital Commons Data can help
  • How to best share, organize, store data to support your researchers using FAIR data sharing practices
  • Promoting data curation and institutional data management via an institutional research data repository
  • How institutions benefit from using Digital Commons Data
Luca Belletti
Product Manager, Digital Commons Data
Luca leads Elsevier’s efforts to grow the Digital Commons Data community, through continued product development to make Digital Commons Data the best-in-class institutional data repository.

In addition, he oversees Mendeley Data, Elsevier’s open data repository for individual researchers, and is in this capacity involved in the Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI) organised by the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy.

He also liaises with the academic community to understand the needs of researchers and librarians around all aspects of research data management and focuses on helping them achieve their goals by providing innovative solutions to preserve, showcase and collaborate on research data.
Sara Lambdin
Inside Account Manager, Digital Commons
Sara has been with RELX and Elsevier since 2014, starting with Research Solutions and then transferring to Research intelligence in 2020. She’s been the Digital Commons National Account Manager for 3 years and has worked with some of the most prestigious research institutions, helping them excel with their institutional repositories.
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