Join our webinar, the first of the Becoming Net Zero Webinar series and hear Gary Coates present on the topic Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) which is one tool of many that will be needed to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The most common techniques involve removing carbon dioxide from either flue gases from the combustion of fossil fuels or biomass, or where CO2 is a byproduct from conversion of those raw materials to other products. An example of the latter is ethanol production from either corn, sugar cane or waste organic products. A number of different technologies are possible today. Potential corrosion issues will be examined when separating CO2 from other gases. Once the CO2 is dry, it is non-corrosive, and it is a matter of economically transporting it to its storage site. If liquified or compressed, higher strength materials may be needed.

After the presentation there will be a live Q& A session.

Part of the Becoming Net Zero Webinar series
Gary Coates
Technical Manager for the Nickel Institute
Gary Coates, P.Eng., is the Technical Manager for the Nickel Institute, the global association of leading primary nickel producers, whose mission is to promote and support the proper use of nickel in appropriate applications. Gary is a metallurgical engineer specializing in corrosion and welding who has worked in the stainless steel and nickel alloy industry for over 45 years. He is based in Toronto, Canada. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-coates-a9639928/
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